Daniel Johnson, Lead Pastor

Daniel has served in various forms of ministry since 2010, when he attended Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill, MA. He went on to graduate with a double major in Biblical Theology and Christian Education. During his time at NPBC God put a dream in his heart to start a church, passionate about reaching this lost generation in one of the most unchurched cities in America. 

Pastor Daniel is a native of Lewiston, ME and he believes strongly in God's redemptive plan for this great city. As a leader in this effort, Daniel works at The Root Cellar in Lewiston, mentoring, counseling, teaching, and inspiring minors seeking to attain community service hours from the District Court. He does all of this because he believes that "if we can reach this next generation with the power of the Gospel, we can change the course of history."

Daniel has been married to his wife Lyndsey since June 7th of 2014, and their son Ezra was born March 26th, 2016. 

Lyndsey Johnson, Pastor's Wife

Lyndsey, a native of Boston, has spent the majority of her life working within the local church, contributing in everything from clean up to preaching and teaching the youth ministry. When Lyndsey was just 12 years old, the local pastor in her neighborhood went out of his way to build a relationship with her, intending to mentor her and lead her into right relationship with her creator. Through his patience and unwillingness to quit, Lyndsey eventually came to have a relationship with Jesus for herself, and her young, broken life was restored piece by peice.

In high school, Lyndsey experienced an undeniable moment with the Holy Spirit, and she knew God was calling her to go deeper. With many prestigious colleges and potential careers opportunities on the table, she chose to attend a little bible college in Haverhill, MA. Her choice was to spend her life giving back what was so freely given to her, and that is the love, peace, and hope only found in Jesus Christ.

Lyndsey went on to graduate from Northpoint Bible College, with a Major in Biblical Theology & a Minor in Christian Education. Today, she serves as a mother to one, a pastor's wife, and a leader at Connect Church.

Her passion, love, and energy sets the tone for this church each and every week.

Rose LeBlanc, Leader of Connections

Growing up in Jay, Maine Rose dreamt of being a nurse since she was just a young child. The passion to save lives was within her and it drove her all through out her years spent in academics. As an active member in her church, Rose was raised loving the things of God, but this love was very surface leveled. It wasn’t until she left her tiny paper-mill town for college, that Rose experienced the true power, mercy, and grace of Jesus for herself. Through many great trials and overwhelming heartache, Rose learned the true depths of love found in her good, good Father.  

During the four years she spent at Saint Joseph’s College, Rose obtained a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and even more importantly, she discovered her passion for bringing hope and joy to the young adult's around her. During Rose's sophomore year, she became the leader of a Christian social group on campus called, "Fusion." It was throughout this time that God began revealing to Rose that her calling was not only to help care for the sick, but to bring healing within their souls. 

In 2014, Rose moved to Lewiston as she began her nursing career at a local hospital. With this move she became a clear leader within the growing team at Connect Church. She did it all with one mission in mind, and that mission is to bring that same hope and freedom she's experienced in her life, to the young adults of L/A.